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Capital Credits

Capital Credits

WHAT ARE CAPITAL CREDITS? They are your portion of the profit of Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (VTCI). Capital Credits are explained in the bylaws, which can be found in your Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc. phone book under Article 8 Sec 2.

HOW ARE THEY EARNED? Each year your share of the profits is figured by comparing your Revenue Base to the total VTCI revenue base and multiplying this percentage times the Profit of Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc. for that year. Each time you use your phone or receive internet or TV service you are generating revenue for your phone company and building your revenue base and your share of any VTCI profits, also called your annual Capital Credits. This Capital Credit is then recorded into your Capital Credits Account where it stays until the board of Directors authorizes payment.

WHAT ARE UNCASHED CAPITAL CREDIT CHECKS? Each year, six months after the capital credit check distribution date, all remaining outstanding checks are voided and marked as uncashed capital credits. Most capital credit checks are most commonly uncashed because the Valley Telephone Cooperative’s capital credit database does not have your current address or a member simply forgot to cash or deposit their distribution check received earlier in the year. Funds are held by Valley Telephone for three years until we are required to report them to the State of Texas as unclaimed property. To check if you have uncashed capital credit checks please refer to the Uncashed Capital Credit Search link.

For further questions about capital credits contact us in one of several ways.


Physical Mail to:

Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Attn:  Capital Credits
881 E. Hidalgo Ave.
Raymondville, TX  78580

Phone:                                1-800-446-2031 Ext. 131
Fax:                                      956-642-1024