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Construction underway for VTCI broadband network expansion

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As part of their ongoing efforts to expand service to new communities surrounding their existing coverage area, Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc. and its subsidiary VTX Telecom, LLC began construction of 11 new self-sustained facilities that will house vital equipment in Agua Dulce, Charlotte, Falfurrias, George West, Jourdanton, Lyford/Sebastian, Orange Grove, Premont, Raymondville, Santa Rosa and Three Rivers.

Each new self-sustained facility, referred to as a “central office”, will be managed and monitored remotely by the company’s Network Operations Center located on 6th Street in Raymondville.

Valley Telephone and VTX Telecom currently have 18 central offices housing technical equipment throughout its vast rural service area. The additional 11 facilities are required to expand their broadband network to serve the new communities.

“Two types of equipment will be housed within the new facilities: the equipment that connects the customers’ premises to the central office in their area and the equipment that connects one community’s central office to the next one on our network,” explained VTCI Network Manager Richard Cavin.

“Think of our broadband network as a highway system. All the towns we service need to be connected to each other via this broadband network just like communities are connected today with highways and roads. The control center is our Network Operations Center, this is the company’s connection to the rest of the world,” Cavin said. “That’s how we enable your phone calls, your television entertainment and your access to the World Wide Web.”

“This initiative is part of a much greater vision,” added VTCI Chief Executive Officer Dave Osborn. “We seek to become more than just a telephone company for our customers. We will become their broadband service provider of choice and continue to set a higher standard in our industry for quality and capability.”

“Our ongoing efforts to expand our broadband network will fundamentally alter the technology landscape in our region and make South Texas one of the most desirable locations in the country for economic growth”, said Osborn.“Our broadband service will enable endless opportunities for our communities’ well being.”

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About VTCI

For almost 60 years, VTCI has provided a full range of telecommunication services, which include local and long distance telephone service, high speed Internet and television entertainment, to 17 rural communities in South Texas. VTCI exchanges cover well over 7,300 square miles and serve 19 counties in South Texas. The Cooperative currently employs over 100 employees and serves 4,000 members. VTCI’s corporate headquarters are located in Raymondville. Subsidiary companies include VTX Communications, headquartered in Harlingen, and VTX Telecom in Raymondville.


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