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Valley Telephone Cooperative

• Established in 1952 in Raymondville, TX
• Parent company of two major subsidiaries: VTX Communications, LLC. (VTXC) & VTX Telecom, LLC. (VTXT)
• Corporate headquarter, network operations and production studio are located in Raymondville
• The VTCI work center is located in Lasara, TX
• First company in the U.S. to commit to deliver DSL broadband service to 100% of its subcribers
• First and only telephone company in South Texas to offer Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) services
• FTTH customers can receive virtually unlimited amounts of bandwidth
• Only telecommunication company in the region that has its own studio and local channel, VTX 1
• VTCI serves approximately 5,000 members
• Member are also owners of the Cooperative and they elect the Board of Directors
• Service area is 7,300 square miles covering 19 counties
• 5,200 miles of buried fiber and copper cable
• 2,100 DSL customers
• 6,200 access land lines
• 150 television subscribers

VTX Communications

• Chartered in 1988 in Raymondville, TX
• Corporate office is located in Harlingen and Network/Technical office in McAllen
• Long distance services are available in the United States and in Mexico
• 1,500 route mile fiber optic transport services in South Texas to other telecommunication companies
• Largest fixed wireless internet provider in South Texas, delivering service to over 3,500 customers
• Provides transport services for 8 of the largest telecommunication companies in Mexico

VTX Telecom

• Chartered in 1996 in Raymondville, TX
• Branch office is located in Dilley, TX
• The only competitive local exchange provider in Texas delivering service via its own fiber optic network to 100% of it’s customers
• 100% of customers receive Fiber-To-The-Home services
• VTXT serves approximately 550 customers