Residential Phone Applications | VTX1

Telephone Line Service (R)

Telephone Line Service (R)

  • Each additional telephone line is the same price
  • Includes traditional features:
  • Caller ID
  • Call Forward
  • Call Waiting
  • Additional fee of $0.50 per line in support of Local E-911

Enhanced Features (R)

  • Each additional telephone line with these features is the same price
  • Includes advanced features:
  • Voice Mail (single mail box)
  • Three-Way Calling

Extended Area Service (R)

  • Unlimited regional coverage called LATA wide
  • LATA’s are traditional telephone service areas where VTXT is allowed to offer an optional unlimited calling plan to the LATA in which your town resides
  • Allows subscribers in one area the option to call another participating service provider’s subscribers without a toll charge at this additional monthly rate