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Maximum Internet Speeds

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VTX1’s high bandwidth capability will enable you to achieve what you want. Perfect for social networking, large downloads and streaming video.

VTX1 uses wireless, advanced copper and fiber technologies to deliver the most bandwidth for homes and businesses in rural communities and sets the highest standards in quality and value in delivering powerful services to every customer.

Our core products are Internet, television and telephone. Enjoy the perks of VTX1’s innovative technology for out -of-this-world internet speeds and unlimited exciting extras for school, work or play.




*Restrictions may apply. Eligibility is based on service address. This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


VTX1 Battery Backup Information

If your VTX1 home phone service is provided through our advanced fiber optic network or VoIP, it requires electric power to operate. In the event of a power outage, phone service will not function, so a battery backup provides temporary power to your phone and Optical Network Terminal (ONT). VTX1 already provides a UPS battery backup device that provides power to your phone line for approximately 3-6 hours. However, you may want to purchase an upgraded UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that provides 8-14 hours of backup battery power for emergency voice services, including Emergency 911 dialing.


Pursuant to a new FCC requirement, VTX1 now offers a new UPS backup battery option with 8-14 hours of backup battery power:

TITAN_thumb         TITAN-UPS


With a fully charged UPS battery backup in place, you will have the peace of mind knowing you can still use your phone during a power outage and have access to 911 services. This UPS battery backup device will be mounted outside your home and is charged from a nearby electrical outlet. The model listed above has temperature-regulated charging, which contributes to maximum duration of use. Contact us to purchase your UPS today at 1-800-446-2031.


During a power outage, please use your VTX1 phone service only for emergency calls to preserve your battery power. VTX1 will not provide credits and is not liable for interruptions of service due to power outages.

Note: The UPS battery backup should be used to power only the VTX1 ONT (Optical Network Terminal), located on the exterior of your home or business, in order to maximize the amount of backup power time. The UPS must be installed by a qualified VTX1 technician.