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TV Everywhere

TV Everywhere is an online video service that allows VTX1 video subscribers to view the TV networks they subscribe to on their computer or Smartphone — at no extra cost.   Now, you can watch TV Everywhere you go!  View recorded or live shows on any computer, tablet or Smartphone from more than 50 available TV networks.   There’s no equipment to purchase and the registration process is simple.  Best of all, there are no monthly charges or activation fees.


  • TV Everywhere is the easiest way to search for your favorite shows on your tablet or laptop
  • Take your TV with you. With TV Everywhere, you can watch many of your TV channels. (Channel availability is based on your VTX1 TV subscription.)
  • Watch past episodes of your favorite shows
  • Watch live channels
  • Never miss a show


 All you need to start watching TV Everywhere is an internet connection. For best results, a minimum speed of 3 Mbps is recommended.




Thank you for choosing VTX1 as your TV provider. Following is a series of instructions that will guide you through the registration process to access your TV Everywhere account. If you are in need of additional assistance during the process, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-446-2031, or through email: .



Step 1:

As a valued VTX1 video subscriber you have access to your favorite shows everywhere. To get started on your mobile viewing journey, visit the watch TV Everywhere registration site . Please refer to the top left hand corner of the home page and click the link to register.


TVE Instruction Photo1


Step 2:

The registration link will lead you to the provided registration form. Enter all the necessary information required to complete the form. You will need your VTX1 Customer Identification (CID account) number for registration. Also, please take note  of the guidance provided on the top of the page regarding age, account ownership, and service requirements. An example of a completed form is provided.


TVE Instruction Photo3


Step 3:

Upon completion of a successful registration, you will be redirected to the Log In screen. Please enter your Email address and Password to gain access to your account. Please reference all notes on the Log In page regarding data usage and service management.


TVE Instruction Photo2

Step 4:

Upon completion, your Log In page should be similar to this before entering the Watch TV Everywhere options page.

TVE Instruction Photo4

Step 5:

Once your Log In has been successful, you will arrive at the Watch TV Everywhere Home Screen. Please refer to the drop down list that is highlighted. Click the drop down list and choose VTX1 as your provider.

TVE Instruction Photo 5

Step 6:

Once you have successfully chosen VTX 1 as your provider, you will have access to your specific viewing plan. The channels and content you enjoy at home are now at your viewing pleasure everywhere you go.

TVE Instruction Photo 6


Thank you once again for choosing VTX1 as your Video service provider. We are proud to bring you the best shows when and where you want to watch them. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact Customer Service at 1-800-446-2031, or through email: .