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Valley Telephone Cooperative celebrates 60 years

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Valley Telephone Cooperative celebrates 60 years


Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc., VTX Communications, LLC and VTX Telecom, LLC, also known as, VTX1, are proud to celebrate 60 years of providing broadband access for Internet, television entertainment and telephone service in South Texas.


A group of dedicated and hard working individuals from our communities came together to establish telephone service for rural South Texas, and the creation of Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc. was the beginning of many great accomplishments for the organization and our communities. “Our organization seeks to quadruple the size of our customer base in the next several years,” said Valley Telephone CEO Dave Osborn. “We are always expanding our broadband network to reach new capacity levels, but today, after 60 years in the telecommunications business, our organization is constructing a fiber-optic broadband network for South Texas that will become one of the most valuable resources in the State and enable our communities to achieve new heights in the areas of education, health, commerce and technology.”


The Cooperative was established to serve rural subscribers deemed unfeasible by the larger companies. The charter and articles of incorporation for the Cooperative were granted on April 22, 1952, and the Cooperative was designed to provide rural telephone service to residents of Willacy, eastern Hidalgo and northern Cameron counties.  The incorporators were J. B. Pinson, Godfrey J. Lassig, Burton C. Hester, Verner Gustafson, of Lyford; William T. Holland, Sr., and Julian T. Mayo, Sr., Raymondville; and Argyle McAllen, Linn.  Decades later, Valley Telephone established VTX Communications and VTX Telecom to reach more communities and to offer additional services.


VTX Communications provides wireless Internet and long distance service. It also provides data transport and other solutions for large enterprises. The newest addition to the Cooperative’s family of companies is VTX Telecom. This company provides fiber-optic broadband access for all its customers. VTX Telecom is currently serving Dilley, west Raymondville, and continues to expand to serve Agua Dulce, Charlotte, Falfurrias, George West, Jourdanton, Lyford, Sebastian, Orange Grove, Premont, Santa Rosa, and Three Rivers areas.


Residents within the communities of Lyford, Sebastian and Santa Rosa are now eligible to connect their homes and business to VTX1’s fiber-optic broadband network. For more information about VTX1, visit or call 1-800-446-2031.


About VTX1


VTX1 provides broadband access to enable Internet, television and telephone applications for homes and small businesses in South Texas, and custom services for larger enterprises. VTX1’s broadband network extends from south of San Antonio to the lower Rio Grande Valley. The brand name is VTX1. Legal entities are Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc., VTX Communications, LLC, and VTX Telecom, LLC. Eligibility to receive broadband services is based on service address.


VTX1 Team Members in Raymondville

Valley Telephone Cooperative team members at corporate office located at South 6th Street in Raymondville. The future corporate building is under construction on East Hidalgo Avenue.