VTX1’s Decision to Discontinue Video Service

VTX1 Companies has had to make the difficult decision to discontinue television services by the end of year 2018 for our VTXC customers.  Unfortunately, the cost to provide TV Service is no longer a financially sound option for the exorbitant costs being paid towards programming.  In addition, local station and video content costs have been increasing at 20 to 30% per year which has necessitated an increase in fees to our customers.  It has become apparent that to break even, we would need to almost double our monthly service fees, which is not a viable solution.

In addition to increasing costs, a technology trend is evolving that further limits our potential for growth in television viewers, and that’s the viewing of television content over the internet using applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and a host of others.  Potential viewers can purchase a “box” at a store or online to connect it to their television with an internet connection, then view television and movie content for a fraction of what it costs to subscribe to our 250 plus channels that we offer and other traditional cable providers.

As you can see, between the rapidly rising cost of content and the move to alternative viewing patterns created by new technology, we will join many other companies like ours who are leaving the television business to concentrate on providing even higher broadband service offerings to support these new viewing habits.

As previously mentioned, Over the Top Offerings are an alternative to utilize for tv and video content.  We have provided some informational content for you to help navigate your way through familiarizing yourself with Over the Top services, please see below:

What is Over the Top?
Over the Top is an application or service that provides a product over the internet, bypassing traditional distribution methods.  Services that are delivered over the top are typically related to media, widely delivering television and movie content to the world wide web masses

How to setup your Roku Player

How to add the VTX1 App to your Roku Player

Now that you understand what OTT is, please refer to our reference guide for helpful information to assist you to find the best provider for local programming in your viewing area.

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