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Your world is fast paced and VTX1 is here to provide you with the speeds to keep up. With faster broadband speeds, you have all you need at the click of your mouse.

The Right Phone Plan

Communication in all moments of life is a priority for VTX1. With customized phone plans, and clear, dedicated service; we’re here to bring you the connection you need every day.

Tell us what you think — It’s in our nature to listen. As VTX1 continues to evolve, we’d love to hear more from you.


TEXAS One Call System “811”
Call Before You Dig

State Law Requires Two Working Days Notice

DIGGING OR DRILLING: Before you dig or drill on your property, please call Texas One Call to avoid damaging your telephone and other underground lines. Remember, it’s the law, call 48 hours before digging.

ANTES DE EXCAVAR OR PERFORAR: Antes de excavar o perforar en su propiedad, llame a Texas One Call para evitar daños a las linas de teléfono o a otros cables subterraneous. Solo para emergencias después de horas, llame a nuestro Servicio de Reparaciones.