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Area code with Long Distance included. Unlimited or per minute plans available.

South Texas Emergency Services

Safe & Secure 911 Service

Your family’s safety is important and when an emergency does occur the last thing you want to worry about is contacting those crucial Emergency Services. VTX1 provides access to those services with secure lines that allow you to get through when you need it the most.

All Landline Services Include:

Terms Explained

This is an application that runs on your Fiber Optic Access Network, which provides traditional voice grade, dial tone local and long distance service. It also includes a package of traditional telephone features.

Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Blocker, Call Forward Variable, Caller Name and Number Delivery, Call Return, Call Waiting & Cancel Call Waiting, Call Waiting ID, Do Not Disturb, Emergency Contact Activation, Priority Ringing, Private Number, Repeat Dialing, Selective Call Acceptance, Selective Call Rejection, Speed Dial 30, 3 Way Calling.

This is a mandatory fee per telephone line that we collect on behalf of the regional emergency response centers.

The Local Access and Transport Area (LATA) are geographic regions where a local phone company is allowed to offer local services called IntraLATA, within the LATA. Completing calls between two different LATAs, known as InterLATA requires a long distance company. You can see these regions on the Texas Public Utilities Commission website on the LATA Boundaries Map.

Eligibility to receive services from Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc. and VTX Communications is based on service address. Please contact Customer Service at 1-844-GET-VTX1 for complete details.