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Uncashed Capital Credits Search

Enter your last name or business name or first name below to search for any uncashed capital credit checks. Each name listed represents one capital credit account.

All inquiries must be submitted in writing by the member.   To process claims the member will need to complete and sign both pages of the Valley Telephone Due Diligence Letter and remit these forms back to us in one of three ways:

Physical Mail to:

Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
Attn:  Capital Credits
881 E. Hidalgo Ave.
Raymondville, TX  78580

Fax:                                      956-642-1024

Upon receiving a claim, please allow two to three weeks for the claim to be researched and a check to be processed.

You will be required to submit a form for each account if multiple accounts exist. You may not request reimbursement for checks for anyone other than yourself unless the individual is deceased.(Refer to Member Estate Capital Credits link)
We must pay out checks to the individual that signed the member application for the account.
This search may take some time.


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